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TSLA Pre-Earnings Calendar

Today on Sheridan Mentoring TV, I put on a Live TSLA Pre-Earnings Calendar. Sheridan Mentoring TV airs Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 1 pm central and I usually will put on a live trade every class and also explain and track every trade for educational purposes. TSLA at time of the trade was $228.46. Today’s trade I bought the Feb 10 expiration 230 Calls and sold the Jan 20 Expiration 230 calls for a debit of $5.60. The idea here is that Calendars have 2 risks, price and the Implied Volatility decreasing, and we are trying to eliminate Volatility risk. I do that by buying the expiration that will be affected by earnings and sell an expiration that will not be affected by earnings. I am looking to make around 10% for every 1 Calendar I buy, about $55 0r $60 (10% of $560). If TSLA breaks under 224 or 237 in next few days, I will instruct what to do in the blog. My short options expire in 10 days and my longs in 20 days. I will be out of this trade in 7 days, avoiding the price risk of earnings. Tomorrow we launch our 1st online class of the year, How to […]

1st Trade of the New Year- Iron Condor in SPX

Can you do an Iron Condor when VIX is 13.5 and the SPX is 30 points away from the  all time highs? Yes, it depends on how you structure and manage the trade. This is the trade I just put on for SOM TV with SPX around $2247. Sell 1 Feb 3  2315 Call and Buy 1  Feb 3   2325 Call. Sell 1 Feb 3  2150 Put and Buy 1 Feb 3  2140 Put. Total Credit  $2.20 credit. The deltas of the short options were around 15. The goal on the trade is to make 10% and not lose more than 12% of the risk or margin of the trade, $780. If the delta of the short call or put gets to 23 this week. I will look to either buy a call on the upside or put on the downside to cut my position deltas 1/2 or 2/3. I sold the Credit Spread for $2.20 credit, if it goes to around $1.40, I would buy back the Iron Condor for $1.40 debit, making around 10% on my capital. Join us tomorrow, January 4, for a free webinar at 1 pm central titled: How to Manage a $10K Weekly Portfolio. […]

SPX Put Broken Wing Butterfly

Tuesday on SOM TV, I put on a live BWB and am talking about the trade today after big move in SPX yesterday.The trade is in Jan 6 expiration and was done with SPX around 2209. Buy 1 Jan 2200 put  Sell 2 Jan 2170 puts  and Buy 1 Jan 2130 put. The debit was 2.05 and the margin or risk for this 1 unit trade is $1205 dollars, which is the risk on the downside. The risk on the upside is about $205 .I started the trade 1.75 deltas short on this $1200 trade.  During SOM TV Tuesday, I mentioned if SPX hit 2223 yesterday, I would look at the trade and probably sell a put credit spread to narrow the upside of the Broken Wing Butterfly. The original Butterfly width was 30 on the upside and 40 on the downside. By adjusting with a put credit spread, selling the 2190-2200 put credit spread in January, we would be decreasing the upside width to 20 and reducing the short delta exposure on the upside. If you didn’t do anything to the trade, the price is now around $1.35 with SPX at 2243 as of 10:09 am central today Dec […]

Why Income Trades did fine with SPX down 62.

Most of the live Income Trades (delta neutral, positive theta, selling strategies) that students in our community and myself had on today did much better than expected, and in some cases did great. lets discuss at least 2 of the trades I had on as examples. Trade #1 did absolutely great today, and it was a basic non-Directional trade that made 20% today with the market going drastically against us. The trade was a balanced Butterfly trade in SPX in the August 19 expiration, and the width of the Butterfly was 40.The trade was put on yesterday when SPX was around 2105.The trade was put on using all Calls.  Here is the trade using a 1 contract example. Buy 1 2065  and sell 2  2105’s and Buy 1  2145. I bought some units at $5.40, $5.30, and $5.20. A unit could be 1-2-1 or 2-4-2 or 3-6-3, whatever size you are trading at. In this trade, we want the price of SPX to be near the short strike of 2105. Today at around 9:45 am central time, SPX was around $2059 and I got out of my entire trade that I bought around $5.30 and sold it for a $6.40 Credit, a […]

Options Trading Seminar June 16-17 – Live Streaming

At Sheridan Options Mentoring, we’re proud to offer informational resources for people who are interested in learning more about options trading, options strategies, and more. We’re pleased to announce our annual options seminar, hosted by our very own Dan Sheridan in Chicago. This year’s seminary will take place on June 16th and 17th and will be streamed live. Learn Options Trading Secrets from Industry Experts The live stream of the options seminar will feature presentations from Dan Sheridan, founder of Sheridan Options Mentoring as well as the following speakers: Brian Overby, Senior Options Analyst at TradeKing and author of The Options Playbook Russell Rhoads, Senior Instructor at CBOE’s Options Institute Tom Sosnoff, Co-Founder of ThinkorSwim and founder of TastyTrade Steve Basigo, Veteran Retail Trader Karen Bruton, AKA “Karen the Super Trader” Mark Fenton, Senior Mentor at Sheridan Mentoring and Veteran Retail Trader Jimm Bittman, speaking about credit spreads Dino Karahalios, Veteran Retail Trader Live Stream Our Options Trading Seminar The live stream seminar will get you full access to each session, both days, streamed live in real time. You’ll be able to ask any questions you may have to a moderator on our live chat box, and you’ll have access […]

3 Steps to successful Option Trading

#1 Learn the Craft This stage takes a while and possibly much longer depending on how you learn the craft. Most folk pick a directional approach to finding trades, and that is a very difficult proposition. We pick trades based on 3 Things: Probabilities, Time decay, and a good plan for each trade. As you learn the craft, a good understanding of the Greeks and the ins and outs of the different strategies is essential. #2 Practice the Craft This stage in my opinion means trading a plan and 30-50 live trades proving and practicing the plan under the tutelage of someone very experienced at Risk Management. That is what we do here at Sheridan Mentoring. I don’t know another mentoring company or coaching service in the Options Trading business that teaches you the business in this manner. This is crucial. Most folks who do 30-50 live trades on their own will usually end up in a heap of trouble! #3 Discipline in the Craft This is where most people “bite the dust”. Our mentors have there hands full with students who come in with many bad habits, including being directional on every trade and not used to following a […]

Strategy for the current market: Cash Secured Put

Over the course of this week, I will be going over several different strategies for SPX in this Volatile Market, and a cash secured put is the first that I will discuss in this post. Even with the rally Friday (Jan 23), the markets are still down considerably in the last 4 weeks. SPX closed Friday at around 1907, up around 37 points for the day! Dec 29, SPX closed at 2078. We are still 171 points away from the Dec 29 close. That’s about 8 ½ % from those lofty levels. With that as perspective, I think cash secured puts might be attractive here in certain stocks. Cash secured puts are the same strategy as covered writes, but not as popular. SPY closed Friday at $190.52 up an amazing $3.83 or 2% for the day. I will use the February expiration in my example. SPY I will sell 1 Feb 180 put for $1.50. If SPY closes above $180 by February expiration, Feb 19, I collect the entire premium of $180. If SPY closes under $180 by February expiration, I obligate myself to buy the SPY ETF at the short strike of $180 minus the premium of $1.50 or […]

Market Outlook by Dan Sheridan

Market Outlook: The market closed Friday at 1880, down 200 points or 8-9% in about 2 ½ weeks. The first 2 weeks of 2016 has seen quite a bit of volatility. In SPX, we have had 5 of last 10 trading days with moves of 1 ½ % or more, unprecedented! Translated into net price changes at the end of the day, that’s 5 days out of last 10 where SPX has net moved 31 to 48 points in one day! Total Daily Move The moves are actually bigger if you look at the total daily move taking into account the high and low of the day. Try to keep weekly trades delta neutral in that environment! We basically have had 2 corrections in the last 6 months, first time since Al Capone came to Chicago! Where will the market go next week? Should I stay in my bunker till the market quiets? I don’t think so. If you read enough business articles, this is where names are made. Where fear is rampant, like now, rampant predictions come out from the would be and even the current Gurus .” The market will drop 10% more” or “This is the best […]

3 Joys of a Weekly Butterfly

3 Joys of a SPX Weekly Iron Butterfly? 1) By trading every week, you become an better craftsmen 2) The butterfly has a very good potential reward relative to the risk of the trade. 3) SPX is a well diversified Index with great liquidity and you don’t have to deal with the risk of individual stocks. Definition: Iron Butterfly is a trade where one puts on an at-the call credit spread and an at-the-money put credit spread Trade Example in SPX Price is $2073 as I write this. I am looking at the December expiration with 8-9 days till expiration. Sell one 2075 call and buy one 2100 call. Sell one 2075 put and buy one 2050 put. The strike prices for each credit spread are 25 points wide. The total credit of this trade right now is around $20.35 ( $2035). The margin or risk of the trade would be $465 (The width of the credit spreads minus the total credit of the Iron Butterfly). Greeks of the Trade The margin or risk of the trade would be $465. The Greeks on a one contract Iron Butterfly as I described here would look something like this: Delta -4 Gamma […]

Exited live Directional SPX Butterfly for profit

On October 29 with SPX at $2087, I bought an slightly bearish put butterfly in the November 13 expiration, about 2 weeks from expiration. I bought 20   November  2065 puts, -40  November  2055 puts and bought 20 November  2045 puts for a total debit of .52 1/2 . The total cost of the trade was $1050 ( 20 butterflies times .52 1/2). I did the butterfly 20-40-20, 1 butterfly would be 1-2-1. SPX Price The price of SPX didn’t cooperate with my desires the first week of the trade and went up near the $2114 area and not down in price which I would have preferred. On November 4, the trade was down around 50% or $500. Why didn’t I take it off and call it a day. I was originally looking for around 50% profit and was willing to lose 50%. The key reason I stayed in on November 4 with 9 days remaining is because I still had 9 days left and knew I would only need 1 down day to lessen the losses quite a bit. Once I get less than 1 week left on these directional Butterflies, I start to cut my losses because I’m running out of time. On […]